Friday, February 8, 2013

CST Now Distributing Delcross World-wide

CST has just signed a distribution agreement making us authorized resellers of Delcross Technologies' products EMIT and Savant.

EMIT analyzes multi-antenna platforms and predicts cosite interference between RF systems attached to the antennas. Savant predicts the performance of antennas as installed on electrically-large platforms. Both EMIT and Savant can take output data directly from CST STUDIO SUITE®.

Through this new distribution agreement with Delcross, CST is now able to offer a complete workflow solution for antenna design, installed performance and cosite analysis. Matthew Miller, the President of Delcross Tehnologies said, “Delcross is excited about this opportunity to work with CST to provide our customers with integrated and state-of-the-art solutions to challenging cosite interference and in-situ antenna performance problems.”

CST will not just be selling Delcross software, but providing support for it as well through our skilled team of our electromagnetic specialists. Together with Delcross, we're hoping to streamline the customer experience and provide our customers with complete design solutions for the analysis of installed antenna performance and complex multi-antenna systems and platforms.

Find out more about the agreement and our new collaboration in our official press release.

*UPDATE* For all purchases of EMIT and Savant completed by July 30, 2013, CST is offering a 25% introductory discount. 

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