Tuesday, May 21, 2013

CST Workshop Series Tours the US

CST is going on tour. Kicking-off in Maryland and finishing in California; over the course of a month, we’ll be making stops across the United States to showcase the very latest developments in electromagnetic simulation (EM) tools.

In 1998 we released CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® for the simulation of high frequency devices. It delivered unprecedented performance in an intuitive interface, that also helped simplify the pre-and-post processing of models and results. With our CST Workshop Series, we’re showcasing how advanced virtual prototyping has become with our complete range of simulation tools in CST STUDIO SUITE® 2013.

The workshops will benefit not only CST users, but also those who want to learn more about our tools and the recent developments in EM simulation. With a live demo of CST STUDIO SUITE, participants can preview new features, smoother workflows, an intelligent configuration wizard, user-friendly interfaces, larger model capabilities and impressive speed improvements.

We’ll be hosting half-day workshops on ‘Microwaves & Antennas’ and ‘EDA & EMC’. All of the workshops are free to attend and are a great opportunity to discover the benefits of virtual prototyping for antennas or EDA and EMC analysis. Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

Microwave & Antenna Workshop

This workshop covers the complete antenna and system workflow, highlighting antenna synthesis, performance in isolation, matching circuit design, installed performance prediction and cosite interference analysis.

EDA & EMC Workshop

A complete PCB/package design workflow will be explored in this workshop, starting with pre-layout synthesis and followed by fast post-layout signal and power integrity analysis and full-wave extraction. EMI analysis at the system level starting with fast EMC rule-checking and simulating noise sources from the PCB will be demonstrated along with the analysis of coupling to nearby components such as heat sinks, connectors, and cables and the shielding performance of the chassis, radiated emissions and susceptibility.

Click on the links below for more information and to register online.
Tuesday May 28 - Hanover, Maryland, Microwave & Antenna
Thursday May 30 - Framingham, Massachusetts: Microwave & Antenna
Tuesday June 18 - Santa Clara, California: EDA & EMC (morning session)
Tuesday June 18 - Santa Clara, California: Microwave & Antenna (afternoon session)
Tuesday June 18 - Arlington, Texas: Microwave & Antenna
Thursday June 20 - Irvine, California: EDA & EMC (morning session)
Thursday June 20 - Irvine, California: Microwave & Antenna (afternoon session)
Thursday June 20 - Chicago, Illinois: Microwave & Antenna

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