Tuesday, December 10, 2013

CST Webinar Series 2013: Skills for Electromagnetic Simulation

Now with the CST Webinar Series 2013 all wrapped-up, we’d like to thank all those who tuned-in live and heard our experts explore topics across the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum.

Our most popular webinars looked at the latest industry developments in 3D EM simulation, exciting the interest of those working with dielectric & conductor loss components and metamaterial-based devices as well as those involved in the field of wireless power transfer and microwave energy harvesting.

Have a look at the webcasts that are now available for you to watch on-demand. 
Charged Particles
  • Traveling Wave Tube Design with Simulation - Playback
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
  • Electromagnetic Simulation of Composite Materials and Cable Harnesses in Aircraft - Playback 
  • EMC Simulation in the Design Flow of Modern Electronics - Playback
  • Train Signaling System Interference Estimation by CST MWS - Playback
Electronic Design Automation
  • High-speed and High Power Connector Design - Playback
  • High-speed Serial Link: Full-wave EM Modeling Methodology and Measurement Correlation - Playback
  • Simulating Dielectric and Conductor Loss Components Including the Influence of Trace Edge and Surface Roughness Topography - Playback
Microwaves & RF
  • MIMO Antenna Systems for Advanced Communication - Playback 
  • Modeling and Simulation of Metamaterial-based Devices for Industrial Applications - Playback
  • Simulation and Measurement: Complementary Design Tools - Playback
  • Wireless Power Transfer and Microwave Energy Harvesting - Playback
Since we’re always eager to hear your feedback, feel free to send us your opinion on the ‘CST Webinar Series 2013’ via e-mail (webinars (at) cst.com) so we can continue improving our webinars.
Happy viewing!