Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Field Source Coupling Wizard in CST STUDIO SUITE 2014

We have put the finishing touches to the latest version of our flagship simulation product, CST STUDIO SUITE®, and have recently announced its worldwide release. When developing the 2014 version, one of our major goals was to make it easier for users to combine different solver types into a multi-scale simulation flow process.

Previous versions of CST STUDIO SUITE introduced System Assembly and Modeling (SAM), which makes it possible for field results from one simulation to be used as the basis of the next. This has been developed in CST STUDIO SUITE 2014 with greater cross-compatibility between solvers and a new wizard for setting up field sources.

An antenna mounted on a car body

This feature is especially useful to engineers who work on applications such as EMC/EMI and antenna placement or who use field measurements. These applications all have in common the fact that they often require the analysis of a small radiating source in a relatively large structure – this might be a component causing interference inside an electronic device, or an antenna mounted on a vehicle.

The near-field source equivalent of the antenna (left) mounted on the car body (right).

The SAM project is set up in the Schematic view. After selecting the “Field Source Coupling” option in the Create Simulation Project tool, the software will ask which model or models should be used as sources, and which model is the target. The full system is then automatically constructed by the software, based on the anchor points of the different models.

Installed performance of the antenna, calculated with the near-field source

Simulations can be linked using both nearfield and farfield sources, depending on the requirements of the project, with numerous possible combinations of solvers. By combining different solver types, a wide range of different systems can be simulated more efficiently.

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