Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Version Control in CST STUDIO SUITE 2014

No matter how powerful and versatile the simulation product is, it will always be limited unless it’s also user-friendly and works well with other tools. CST devotes large amounts of development time to improving the workflow of CST STUDIO SUITE, and making it easier to for users to just simulate their models.

One new feature in CST STUDIO SUITE 2014 is version control for imported CAD models. This is designed to help users working in large teams to keep track of all the changes to the device without having to reset the simulation environment for each design iteration. For instance, in many electronics companies, EM engineers might receive weekly or daily updates to the CAD data from other departments. This updated data may contain new components or remove old components, and can sometimes significantly affect the behavior of a device.

The simple example shown here is the casing for a phone, imported in CST STUDIO SUITE as a STEP file. 

The model includes an LCD screen, which is modeled as a different material and subject to local mesh refinement.

After the user imports the phone model, however, the design department updates the CAD file. The next time CST STUDIO SUITE is opened, this change is automatically detected and the software asks whether the simulation project should be updated as well.
The updated model is loaded into the project. The material and mesh settings are kept, which means that the model doesn’t need to be set up again, and the simulation can proceed as normal. CST STUDIO SUITE also keeps track of which elements have been added and removed between designs to help the user track changes and ensure that the new model is ready to be simulated.

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