Monday, October 20, 2014

Celebrate the Day of Photonics with CST

Photonic coupling into a plasmonic waveguide
Everything has a day in its honor, and future technologies are no exception.

On October 21, companies and research organizations worldwide will be celebrating the Day of Photonics by organizing events for photonics engineers and the wider community.

We will be doing our part as a supporter of the event with an afternoon session at the CST US headquarters in Framingham, Massachusetts to discuss some of the challenges facing photonics engineers and the role of simulation in optical and photonic design.

Pizza, soft drinks and informal chats about your simulation requirements with CST engineers will follow a talk about the cutting-edge developments in photonic simulation.

We have many years of experience of simulation for optical applications, and the range of specialized material types, simulation features and post-processing methods for photonic simulation in CST STUDIO SUITE is constantly growing. We’d be delighted to hear what you do with our software, and learn more about your requirements.

So, if you’re interested, register now and secure your place.

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