Tuesday, February 10, 2015

"Getting Ahead with..." Webinar Series

Getting and staying ahead in 2015 is what we all want to achieve. To help our customers and users keep ahead of the pack, CST is running the "Getting Ahead with..." Webinar Series. I thought I'd take a minute to explain here what it's all about.

Every fall since 2011 we have been running the CST Webinar Series and getting outstanding results. High registration and live attendance numbers, great interaction and feedback prove it’s well worthwhile, for us and our users.

The fall webinar series is focused on the applications themselves. Demonstrating the applicability of our software to the development of specific, cutting-edge technology is important, but what’s less shown in these webinars is the ease by which this can be achieved.

The “Getting Ahead with …” webinar series seeks to fill this need. Less about the latest industry trends and examples, this series gets down to the bricks and mortar – how to achieve good things by understanding the concepts of our software. Demonstrating the usability of CST STUDIO SUITE, OptenniLab and Antenna Magus, and the existing flows is the purpose of these webinars.

"This series gets down to the bricks and mortar – how to achieve good things by understanding the concepts of our software."

Each tutorial style webinar will give newbie simulators the ability to better tackle their development tasks and to get ahead in their work. Experienced users will also benefit from recapping the flows and from an update on how they change and are extended to include new capabilities or design concepts.  The engineers responsible for creating these workflows will present step-by-step demonstrations of them in each of the five webinars.

The Getting Ahead with... Series comprises the following webinars:

February 19, 2015: Getting Ahead with Optenni Lab
February 26, 2015: Getting Ahead with Antenna Magus
March 5, 2015: Getting Ahead with CST PCB STUDIO
March 12, 2015: Getting Ahead with the CST STUDIO SUITE Modeling Interface
March 19, 2015: Getting Ahead with High Performance Computing in CST STUDIO SUITE

We hope you enjoy this new webinar series and that it helps you get and stay ahead in 2015. We welcome feedback on what you think about it, whether we should repeat the series and how we can improve it.

So, see you live, at the webinars!

Martin Timm
Director of Global Marketing, CST

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