Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thoughts from the CST Korean User Conference 2015

Attending the CST Korean User Conference 2015

Last week, on April 9th the annual CST Korean User Conference took place. For me, it was the 7th consecutive visit to this event, so speaking there feels like being home. I have been supporting CST’s Korea office already for many years. The ratio of EMC interested users in Korea is pretty high and it is good to see that many of the top-notch electronic companies use our technology. This year more than 130 users joined the event.

My presentation was about the 3D EMC simulation. I started with simple examples of emission from differential lines and increased the complexity of the models in the course of the presentation. After showing the emission from realistic differential pairs on a PCB, I talked about the simulation of an enclosure. In the last part of my talk I explained how to simulate conducted emission from a PWM driven motor control. At least for me, it seemed like these were topics that resonated with the audience.

In the afternoon, Korean users were presenting their applications. There were two MW&RF oriented talks. One was about the simulation of a 24 GHz automotive radar system and one about how to model LTE channel switching by a matching network in Design Studio. Two other talks concentrated on EMC issues of cables in consumer electronics. Both speakers showed emission results from USB and HDMI cables connected to a PCB.

Another interesting point to note about CST STUDIO SUITE usage in Korea is the widespread of GPU based acceleration among the users there. In no other region of the world I have seen so many complex models run on machines equipped with 4 GPUs. So, if you also want to speed up your simulation, consider accelerating it with a GPU.

In a week we will have the European User Conference in Darmstadt. Let’s see what is new among European users.

Andreas Barchanski,
Market Development Manager for EMC, CST

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