Thursday, May 21, 2015

EMC and automotive at the CST European User Conference 2015

The European User Conference took place on the 28th and 29th April, in Darmstadt. The venue for the event is Darmstadt’s pretty new congress center named “Darmstadtium”. An impressive modern building which is sometimes tricky to navigate. Incidentally, the name comes from the chemical element, which was first synthesized in this very city.

Starting in the afternoon, the event continued with three parallel sessions devoted to a broad range of applications. In all sessions, there was a mixture of customer talks and presentations given by CST staff. I was the chairman and also presenter in the session devoted to “Automotive and Transportation”. The first talk about signal integrity simulation in automotive design presented by Stephanie Schatt from Continental in Regensburg underlined the importance for SI simulations in modern automotive electronics. With the increase in the performance of driver assistance functions in cars, the demand for high speed design in automotive has steadily increased. The second talk presented by Daniel Valderas from the University of Navarra examined the coupling from an eddy current brake to a rail sensor. He showed how to model the non-linear material properties in the coil and cascade parts of the model in CST DESIGN STUDIO. In my own talk, I gave an overview of what our automotive customers are simulating with CST STUDIO SUITE. I wanted to show the broad picture, from SAR simulations in a TV Broadcast car, over power integrity simulations of PCB’s to the simulation of anechoic chambers.

On the second day, I spent some time listening to antenna presentation and helping customers in the support center. Traditionally, the EUC closes with a talk from our CTO Peter Thoma on the future directions in the development of our tools. This development should bring really powerful enhancements for EMC simulation capabilities in the upcoming CST STUDIO SUITE version, especially to the circuit and schematic side of things. Expect more information in the future as we approach 2016!

The next EUC will take place in Strasbourg at the end of April 2016. Details of future dates and a lot of presentations from past conferences can always be found here.

Andreas Barchanski,
Market Development Manager for EMC, CST

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