Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Introducing CST STUDIO SUITE – Student Edition

Our inboxes and our social media feeds are always filled with messages from students around the world asking how they can access CST STUDIO SUITE® for their studies. Well, your calls have been answered!

We’re very excited to announce today the release of CST STUDIO SUITE – Student Edition. This is a package of our solvers available completely free of charge to students, together with a set of tutorial examples based on classic textbook demonstrations of electromagnetic effects.

In CST STUDIO SUITE – Student Edition, you’ll find our high-frequency time domain solver and frequency domain solver, our electrostatic solver and magnetostatic solver, as well as our thermal solvers. Although there are some restrictions to prevent commercial use, you can use CST STUDIO SUITE – Student Edition to simulate systems including coils, antennas, couplers, waveguides and much more. We’re looking forward to seeing what else students can make and discover using the software.

To support it, we’ve also launched the new academia section of our website. This has registration and download links for CST STUDIO SUITE – Student Edition, along with articles and videos showing how the examples can be constructed.

CST STUDIO SUITE – Student Edition can be downloaded from here. We hope you find it both educational and enjoyable!

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