Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Getting Ready for Getting Ahead

Next week, we will begin our first live webinar series of the new year.: “Getting ahead with…”, a format that we first used last year. The excellent response to our “Getting Ahead With…” webinar series last year clearly showed that there is a demand for this more hands-on type of presentation. So, why not do it again?

 New examples, new workflows also some new features in our software demonstrated as they should be operated. We kick off the series with “Getting Ahead with Antenna Magus”, which will explore how Antenna Magus can be used in conjunction with CST STUDIO SUITE®.  Brian Woods will show how to create Antenna designs that can beat off-the shelve alternatives, because they are customized to your needs. We will also feature webinars on Antenna Installed Performance Simulation, Coupled Field-Circuit Simulation Antenna Array Design, and High Speed Digital Simulation.

These webinars are designed to show new and experienced users how they can use the simulation workflows efficiently in their day-to-day work. With their clear focus on the “How-To” part the “Getting Ahead With…” webinars complement our upcoming update webinars and CST webinar series which focus on the latest features and more specific applications.
Please see our website to register for these webinars and to see when each will take place.
Cheers, and see you there!

Martin Timm
Director of Global Marketing, CST 

Registration for the “Getting Ahead With…” series is now open at

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