Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Lorentz Force Detuning for Cavities

There was a nice paper published at the last SRF conference by S. Verdú-Andrés et al about Lorentz Force Detuning in cavities. The described effect is basically the change in resonance frequency due to a deformation caused by the electromagnetic fields. This analysis involves different types of physics, which have to be simulated in a coupled workflow. First, the EM simulation is needed. Then, a structural analysis driven by the pressure calculated from the EM fields is performed. As result the deformation is observed, which can be also visualized as illustrated in the picture below with a generic example. At the end, the deformation has to be taken into account in the recalculation of the EM fields, which is done by a sensitivity analysis. The paper describes the workflow very nicely and compares simulation and measurement. Moreover, it also shows how different levels of simplification affect the match between simulation and measurement.

S. Verdú-Andrés, LORENTZ DETUNING FOR A DOUBLE-QUARTER WAVE CAVITY, Proceedings of the Conference on RF Superconductivity (SRF), Whistler, 2015 

Monika Balk
Market Development Manager for Particles Dynamics

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