Thursday, June 2, 2016

CST STUDIO SUITE 2016 Student Edition out now

Eddy currents in a copper disc in a fluctuating magnetic field.
One year ago, we launched the CST STUDIO SUITE® Student Edition, bringing state-of-the-art CST® EM simulation tools to students for free. The Student Edition was an instant success, and we’ve had thousands of downloads from students around the world. Driven by the popularity of the Student Edition, we wanted to make the software even more helpful for anyone studying electromagnetics.

For this reason, CST STUDIO SUITE 2016 Student Edition contains a new solver: the low-frequency frequency domain solver. This is a solver specially designed for the simulation of eddy currents, which come up in applications such as sensors, motors, and power engineering equipment.

The low-frequency frequency domain solver complements the solvers already available, including the static solvers and the high-frequency time domain and frequency domain solvers. Worked textbook examples are available on a range of topics, showing how the Student Edition can be used to study these applications.

For more information about CST STUDIO SUITE 2016 Student Edition or to download it, see our website.

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