Monday, January 23, 2017

What's on this week- Jan 23-29 2017

It's a quiet week here at CST, we are getting ready for a big week next week with the launch of our Getting Ahead webinar series and some exciting exhibitions!


Toward 5G Mobile
January 25th 2017
London, United Kingdom

Mobile and fixed networks have reached a point of unprecedented change as each attempt to meet the insatiable demand for data that is essentially driven by smart phones and tablets. In order to meet the huge demand for increasing capacity, ubiquitous super-fast connectivity and seamless service delivery several major leaps in technology development are needed. Hence a number of research initiatives on 5G wireless technology have been launched around the world recently including the 5G PPP an EU-funded collaborative industry-led research totalling €1.4 Billion. Also frequency regulation and standardization activities will be launched very soon for the next generation standard. The event provides a valuable opportunity to meet and interact with the 5G drivers in terms of wireless industry, players, researchers and stakeholders.


This week, join us in Massy, France for a two-day CST STUDIO SUITE - EMC/EMI Training 
24th - 25th Jan 2017

The CST MWS EMC/EMI training class will cover the following topics

  • CAD import + healing + simplification for EM analysis
  • Geometry modeling, variables and parametric sweeps
  • Definition of materials, thin panels, conductive coatings, absorbers
  • Antenna modeling, ports, s-parameters and far-field calculation
  • External plane wave sources and internal noise sources
  • Meshing and boundary conditions
  • Cable modeling (shielded cables, twisted pairs)
  • Compact aperture models (slots, seams, vents)
  • Incorporating lumped component circuits into the simulation
  • Post processing and field/current visualization
  • Shielding effectiveness calculation
  • Emissions and immunity analysis
  • Decomposing models using Near-field sources (optional workflow)
  • Susceptibility (optional workflow)
  • Lightning (optional workflow)
  • Efficient cable simulation and extraction of transfer impedance (optional workflow)
  • ESD analysis (optional workflow)
  • Customer specific questions and discussion (please send your models in advance)

This course is available exclusively to CST customers. Lunch and refreshments will be included.

There is a registration deadline one week prior to the training class and subject to availability. To apply register online.

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