Wednesday, March 15, 2017

What's on next week: March 20-26 2017

A weekly roundup of events in the CST world. 

With the release of the latest version of our flagship software, CST is presenting a webinar to guide users through the exciting new features of CST STUDIO SUITE® 2017. We will also be attending the much anticipated European Conference on Antennas and Propagation in Paris, France. Be sure to stop by the CST booth to try your hand at our modeling challenge. Every participant will receive a Ritter Sport chocolate bar (We couldn't resist! We are German, after all.). Participants will also be entered to win a drone or a hands-free bluetooth car kit at our drawing on Tuesday.


Technology Highlights of CST STUDIO SUITE 2017 

March 23rd 2017

Explore all of the exciting new features in the 2017 edition of CST STUDIO SUITE. These webinars will provide an opportunity to see our latest technology in action. We are offering two sessions to accommodate our customers in different time zones
CST STUDIO SUITE® is an industry-standard electromagnetic (EM) simulation tool for microwave, radio frequency and optical product design. The latest release, CST STUDIO SUITE 2017, introduces a range of new features and improvements to increase the versatility and performance of EM simulation.
This webinar will highlight some of the updates in CST STUDIO SUITE 2017, including features relevant to microwaves and RF, antennas and bio-EM. In addition, it will introduce the new tools Filter Designer 3D for cross-coupled and diplexer filter design, the Interference Task for co-site interference analysis, and the Conjugate Heat Transfer Solver for electronics cooling.


March 19th - 24th 2017
Paris, France

The 11th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation is owned by the European Association on Antennas and Propagation (EurAAP) and organized each year since 2006. It has become over the years a major and referenced event in the area of antennas and propagation and now attracts a wide audience from all continents. From its early times, EuCAP has been created to foster the meeting and cross-fertilization between academia, research centers, and industry. To that aim, tools such as application tracks, industrial workshops, technical tours and above all a large exhibition have been implemented, in association with the conference.
Be sure to join our modeling challenge. All participants will recieve a free Ritter Sport and will be entered to win a drone or bluetooth set at a drawing on Tuesday. 

Visit us at booth #C1 + C2

CST experts will be presenting the following workshops:

Industrial Workshop

Title: Antenna Design by Simulation with CST STUDIO SUITE 2017 
Tuesday, 21 March 2017, 13:30
Room 315
Speaker: Marc Ruetschlin, Tilmann Wittig

Scientific Workshops

Session title: Advances in Commercial Electromagnetic Simulation Tools

Title: Antenna Design by Simulation with CST STUDIO SUITE 2017 
Tuesday, 21 March 2017, 13:30
Room 315
Speaker: Marc Ruetschlin, Tilmann Wittig

Title: Designing antennas for a location tracking system
Tuesday, 21 March 2017, 15:40
Room 315
Speaker: Brian Woods, Antenna Magus

More exhibitions.


 March 19th - 20th 2017
Miramar Beach, United States
The ECEDHA Annual Conference and ECExpo is the leading conference for academic advancement in electrical and computer engineering. The ECExpo technology demonstration provides ample time for networking with leading industry corporations while discovering the most cutting-edge products and services to enhance the experience of your students and graduates.

Visit us at booth #204A

OFC 2017 

March 21st - 23rd 2017
Los AngelesCAUnited States

The Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exhibition (OFC) is the largest global conference and exhibition for optical communications and networking professionals. For over 40 years, OFC has drawn attendees from all corners of the globe to meet and greet, teach and learn, make connections and move business forward. OFC attracts the biggest names in the field, offers key networking and partnering opportunities, and provides insights and inspiration on the major trends and technology advances affecting the industry. From technical presentations to the latest market trends and predictions, OFC is a one-stop-shop.

Visit us at booth #1440

Microwave & RF

March 22nd - 23rd 2017

Paris, France

The 6thedition of Microwave & RF Show is THE event dedicated to the sectors of Radiofrequencies, Microwaves, Wireless, EMC and optical Fiber that will - for 2 days - provide a 360 ° view of these markets. One highlight of this trade show is the conferences: 8 sessions and conferences already planned for 2017 with: Connected wireless objects, the field of EMC, New methods of measurements or EMC tests, the EMC connectivity, architectures and technologies of microwave functions applied to drones, backhaul to 94GHz Network for 5G, trends or "point" on the RAN 5G.
To the 700 delegates expected, the experts will provide more concrete information on these markets and answers to questions asked by engineers and projects managers who came along to find useful information for their projects.


CST STUDIO SUITE® EMC / Signal Integrity training (Italian)

March 21-22 2017
Treviglio (BG), Italy
How to work efficiently with CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® (CST MWS). Improve your performance with our hands-on training course.
The CST STUDIO SUITE® EMC / Signal Integrity training course consists of 2 full days. We recommend that you participate in both days in order to benefit from the complete range of intensive application based exercises which will be carried out over the two day period. It is helpful to be familiar with the Getting Started manual. This training class is intended for designers of printed circuit boards, digital electronics, IC packages, connectors, etc., and EMC engineers.

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