Tuesday, May 9, 2017

CST STUDIO SUITE 2017 now available on the Rescale cloud HPC platform

Enjoy this guest post from Jonathan Oakley, VP Marketing at Rescale about our exciting new partnership. Read the full press release on our website. 

CST STUDIO SUITE 2017 now available on the Rescale cloud HPC platform.

Rescale is very pleased to be partnering with CST and offering an alternative option for high-performance computing (HPC). Traditionally, the computer for running STUDIO simulations sits on your desk or in your company's server room. Your company may even maintain a computer cluster managed by your IT team. The problem with these resources is that they are expensive to buy and maintain, need updating regularly, don't scale well and are typically shared with others. All this can give rise to slower turnaround times than desired and a general level of frustration with IT.

A very modern alternative is cloud HPC. Much like CRM systems and data storage have already made strong moves to the cloud, HPC is the next stage in the evolution of cloud computing. Data centers from AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and many others offer substantial computing resources using the latest technology. Running simulations on these machines offer instant access, fast turnaround, and high security.

Rescale offers an easy to use the platform to access this HPC "multi-cloud" and with around 60 data centers worldwide, data can usually be kept in the country if desired. High security is a top priority and Rescale has put substantial resources into this, achieving all the appropriate accreditations. If you would like to try CST STUDIO SUITE 2017 on the Rescale platform, please signup for a trial account at www.rescale.com or email info@rescale.com.

Jonathan Oakley, VP of Marketing, Rescale. 

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