Friday, June 2, 2017

EM Simulation at SAE Aviation Technology Forum

Next week, CST’s Marco Kunze will give a talk at the SAE Aviation Technology Forum in Shanghai. With the inaugural flight of C919, the first Chinese-built passenger jetliner, hopes are running high for the future of Chinese commercial aircraft. The nascent industry will need tools for design, and when it comes to aerospace, taking electromagnetic effects into consideration is extremely important.
Kunze, an expert on aerospace and E3, will be advocating for the use of software to simulate these effects in the design stage, which can reduce the number of rounds of costly prototypes needed.
Catch Dr. Kunze’s talk at the SAE Aviation Technology Forum  on June 6th

If you are interested in simulation and aircraft design, check out our full interview with Dr. Kunze earlier this year.  

"The move away from aluminum means aircraft can be lighter, but it also means the aircraft is less conductive and that has consequences. Composite materials offer less shielding from environmental EM, whether radar or lightning strikes. CST can model complex multilayer materials efficiently, making it possible to simulate these new materials accurately. The calculated power loss in the materials can then be used in a multiphysics simulation in order to investigate thermal effects during a lightning strike."- Marco Kunze.

 For our readers who speak Chinese, check out this blog post from our colleagues at Dassault Systèmes China on the role 3DS technology has played in every aspect of design and production of the C919. 

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