Thursday, June 8, 2017

What's on next week: June 12-18

Exhibitions and conferences provide indispensable opportunities for CST staff to meet with our users and expand our reach. Our experts speak at events around the world, sharing the importance to EM simulation in the many industries that use our software. We also give workshops around the world, which gives our customers a chance to improve their skills, learn from experts and have the opportunity to speak with our support staff person to person. We look forward to seeing you next week, whether at an external event or one of our workshops.


9th TeraHertz Days

12th - 15th June 2017
Dunkerque, France

The “9th THz Days” and the annual meeting of the GDR Nano Tera MIR will be held in Dunkerque (Dunkirk, France), easily accessible with TGV connections to France and Europe. This harbor town centrally located between England, Belgium and Germany is an ideal place to welcome students, academics and industrial partners to discuss the latest developments in the field of Terahertz related Science and Technology.

Zuken Innovation World 2017 Italia

13th June 2017
Bologna, Italy

Zuken Innovation World is the Zuken series of annual conferences that takes place at different venues around the globe. The conferences bring together industry professionals for networking, learning, and sharing of innovative ideas. Each event is structured around the common theme of innovation and is organized with the specific needs of the local Zuken communities in mind. Zuken Innovation World Italia will take place on June 13, 2017 in Bologna at the Savoia Hotel Regency.
Visit us at the CST booth!

The CST® Workshop Series 2017 will give design and research engineers an insight into the latest 3D simulation technology for designing electromagnetic components as well as assembled systems using CST STUDIO SUITE® 2017. It will include presentations as well as live software demos that will be both beneficial for the novice as well as the experienced user. In addition, CST will host a Q&A session during the workshop.

Grenoble, France June 13th

Edinburgh, Scotland June 13th

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