Friday, January 19, 2018

Top 5 Webinars of 2017

Webinars are one of our most popular content mediums, every year CST presents two webinar series' and many individual webinars on hot topics from across the industries that we serve. We crunched the numbers, and these webinars were the most watched this year. They represent some of the most innovative new technologies from CubeSats to wireless charging.

1. Automotive Radar Simulation

This webinar shows how CST STUDIO SUITE can be used to perform and study all of the design stages of automotive radars, starting from the basic element which is the antenna, through its integration inside a radome, to actually placing and calibrating the whole package inside the car, using CST Complete Technology’s versatility and solver diversity.

2. Cubesat Antenna Design

This webinar reviews modern trends of antennas on small satellites. It presents a basic design scenario and how software tools such as Antenna Magus and CST STUDIO SUITE can be used to
address the challenges it presents.

3. Inductive Wireless Charging for Automotive Applications

This webinar focuses on workflows and best practices to predict the performance of individual coils as well as inductively coupled systems in the automotive environment. In particular, the accurate loss prediction in litz wires and ferrite materials is of great importance is discussed in detail. 

4. CST STUDIO SUITE 2018 Technology Highlights

The CST STUDIO SUITE 2018 release contains many new features and improvements for solving Maxwell’s equations and related problems. This webinar highlights some of the best of those improvements and new features, including classical EM-simulations, workflows, multiphysics, coupled simulations, among many others.

5. Antenna Design for a Home Multimedia Device 

This webinar covers the simulation techniques and tools that allow new antenna concepts for Internet of Things devices to be developed and tested quickly at a very early design stage, leading to a better connected device and a reduced overall device design time.

We look forward to another year of great webinars as we at CST explore and explain the latest technological advancements through electromagnetic simulation. Keep an eye out for the "Getting Ahead With..." our tutorial-style webinar series which will be announced soon.

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