Tuesday, February 20, 2018

2018 Getting Ahead eSeminar series

 Our popular Getting Ahead eSeminar series is back for another year with some very informative tutorial-style eSeminars that focus on practical solutions to common design challenges.
We have upcoming eSeminars on optical simulation (this Thursday, Feb 22!) antenna design, RF breakdown as well as simulating particle sources and lightning strikes. Check out the full roster and register for those that pique your interest. Whether you currently work with one of these applications or you want to learn more about something new, we think you will find all of these eSeminars enlightening!

“These popular eSeminars directly address specific design scenarios that our users frequently face.The tutorial style makes these eSeminars accessible for engineers of all levels
who want to improve their practical understanding of how to use electromagnetic simulation and analysis in the design process.”- Dr. Martin Timm, Director of Global Marketing, CST.

The schedule is as follows:

Getting Ahead with Compact Models 
February 15, 2018- Available on-demand

Discover how to use Compact Models in the Transmission-Line Matrix (TLM) solver to speed up the electromagnetic simulation of models with small features like slots, seams and vents while maintaining the accuracy of the result, a capability particularly useful for EMC simulation.

Getting Ahead with Optical Simulation
February 22, 2018

Discover how CST STUDIO SUITE® can be used in the design process of photonic components.This eSeminar will guide you through the process of simulating photonic components with two examples, demonstrating how to tackle photonic integrated circuits (PIC) and photonic crystals in CST STUDIO SUITE.

Getting Ahead with Antenna Design
March 1, 2018

This eSeminar will feature an online demonstration of   different antenna and array design workflows. We will highlight some of the advanced features and options available in Antenna Magus and CST STUDIO SUITE® and consider the challenges facing antenna designers in modern, evolving industries and applications.

Getting Ahead with RF Breakdown Simulation
March 8, 2018

This eSeminar will review the fundamental aspects of RF breakdown in gases, and demonstrate how to determine the breakdown power level without the need to design the complete microwave filter. In particular, we will discuss the main parameters affecting the discharge breakdown threshold such as frequency, pressure, temperature and dimensions.

Getting Ahead with Particle Sources
March 15, 2018

Don’t miss CST’s new eSeminar demonstrating the electromagnetic simulation of four different particles sources in CST STUDIO SUITE® 2018. Charged particle dymanics expert Dr. Monika Balk will guide you through the simulation of a Pierce-type electron gun, a field emission source, an ion source and a magnetron cathode.

Getting Ahead with Lightning Strike Simulation
March 22, 2018

Simulation plays an important role in evaluating system performance when subjected to Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3) and for investigating strategies for protection. In this eSeminar, we will show how EM field simulation can be used to provide insightful information with respect to lightning attachment/zoning analysis as well as transient current and magnetic field immunity of relatively large platforms such as aircraft.