Friday, February 19, 2016

2015 University Award Spotlight: “A Compact Planar Printed MIMO Antenna Design”

Saber Soltani
Dr. Ross Murch 
In 2015, four papers were awarded our annual University Publication Award. One of those papers was authored by Saber Soltani and Ross D. Murch, and we'd like to highlight it for you.

Mr. Soltani provided a little background on that winning paper- “A Compact Planar Printed MIMO Antenna Design”.

"After 6 years research in antenna area, I joined Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) as a PhD student at 2013.

At that time, design of high density MIMO antennas with arbitrary numbers of ports was a challenging project and still not solved and there was a project between Prof. Ross Murch (my supervisor) from HKUST and industry for this research topic.
After one year we come up with an interesting design consisting of a novel planar MIMO antenna with antenna densities of up to 22 antennas per square wavelength. The basic idea of the design was the development of a canonical 2-port antenna that could be replicated together to form MIMO antennas with arbitrary even numbers of ports.
HKUST-ECE is ranked 11th in world (QS-2014)* and provides great support with simulation software such as CST.

In the design process we used the commercial EM simulation package CST v.13.0 which provides efficient evaluation of designs and is able to simulate n-port antenna or MIMO antenna. CST also provides a lot of post processing analysis for MIMO antenna design.

As a demonstration, a 20-port printed planar MIMO antenna at 2.6 GHz was proposed. Experimental and simulation results show that the 20-port antenna with antenna density of 22 antennas in free space square wavelength (λ02) have average mutual couplings among the ports of better than -10 dB. In addition to good antenna performance the design is a simple and compact structure with low-cost features."