Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The CST Webinar Series 2016

It’s fall once more, and as ever CST will be seeing the season through with a series of webinars on hot topics in the fields of electrical engineering and electronics, covering the role of simulation in the development of the latest technologies.

In the ever-changing world of EM simulation, it can be a challenge keeping up with new technology, techniques and materials, and every year, thousands of interested engineers, designers, researchers and managers across industry and academia watch our Webinar Series to learn about the cutting edge of simulation technology.

Running from September to December, CST's Webinar Series 2016 offers 12 free webinars that provide an insight into EM simulation and techniques. The topics to be covered range from techniques for miniaturized devices and IoT - including smartwatch design, flexible electronics and coreless package – to the latest techniques for analysing the safety and reliability of systems – including RF interference analysis, radhaz exposure simulation and E3 shielding design.

Each webinar is about an hour in length, including a Q&A session at the end allowing you to ask your questions directly to our simulation experts.

Register today for the webinars which pique your interest.

The schedule is as follows: