Wednesday, June 20, 2018

On the Road to Design Success with CST STUDIO SUITE : a new hands-on workshop series

From June 22-29, 2018 we will be traveling through Germany and Switzerland providing hands-on workshops using CST STUDIO SUITE®. We sat down with Dr. Matthias Tröscher to talk about what makes the On the Road workshops different and useful for our customers.

1. What was the motivation behind this series? What gaps were you trying to fill? 

We have offered traditional workshops with PowerPoint presentations and online demos as well as traditional trainings for EDA, MW&RF, EMC and other applications. We came up with our “On the Road” workshop series because we realized that there was interest in an easy-to-understand, timely, limited training with CST STUDIO SUITE®.

2. What makes this series different from our standard workshop series? 

We’ve moved away from our typical full-day workshop and introduced individual morning and afternoon sessions and attendees can choose between them or attend both.

There will be one dedicated example per session. In the morning, EMC, and afternoon, MW antenna design. The focus will be on having hands-on experience rather than listening to an instructor and watching a presentation.

3. What can users expect from these workshops?
These workshops will help attendees understand how electromagnetic simulation works and see how easy it is to run simulations with CST STUDIO SUITE®. They will run simulations in the time and frequency domains and couple 3D field simulation with network simulation. All of the do-it-yourself experiences will of course benefit from active support by CST experts.

Interested? Register here for a workshop near you. 

Dr. Matthias Tröscher 
Business Development Executive 
Transportation & Mobility 

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